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Moonshine (Basecamp)


Yoyo is about having fun, and it’s hard to jam more fun in a yoyo than in the Moonshine. A modern classic, the Moonshine ships with both a half spec and a full spec bearing for versatile play options. The perfect pocket yoyo.


Basecamp is an ongoing collaboration between CLYW and YoYoFactory. 

Basecamp isn’t a location, but a place where we all come together. Somewhere to take refuge, plan together, and eventually help each other on the tricky ascent. It allows our teams to be one and climb together.

While Basecamp manifests itself in product, the real collaboration is in sharing ideas and thoughts that will allow both CLYW and YoYoFactory to grow as individual identities into the future.

Width: 44.65mm
Diameter: 55.56mm
Weight: 66.3g
Response: CLYW Snow Tires
Stock: Center Trac & 10mm Axle
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