Return Top Lineup


The Bonfire is exactly what you think it is - A bigger and badder version of the classic Campfire! If you don't remember the Campfire, it was an amazing undersized return top that pretty much had everything you would ever want in a pocket throw - Speed, stability, and crazy agility. Amplify all that goodness to a full scale design and you have the Bonfire - One of the coolest new throws to come out of the lodge!

CLYW owner Chris Mikulin built the Bonfire for long fun flowing tricks, and when you throw this yo-yo that is exactly the feel it gives you. The Bonfire is super stable, long spinning, and floaty in all the right ways. It has a play style similar to the Chief or Peak, but with a v-shaped profile that gives you extra speed and stability. 
Diameter - 55.10mm
Width - 45.25mm
Weight - 65.9 grams
Response - Snow Tires
Box Art - Jason Week
Returns & Warranty
We offer a 3 week manufacturer's warranty from the day you receive your item. This warranty covers surface flaws, vibration or anodizing issues. You may exchange your item for a new one or get a full refund. We do not cover the cost of shipping to return the item back to us, however we will cover the cost of shipping a replacement back to you. Please note that our warranty does not cover Fool's Gold return tops. These are sold "as is" and we do not offer returns, replacements, or customer service for any Fool's Gold return tops.