Return Top Lineup

Metal Yeti


We are beyond thrilled to introduce the Metal Yeti.

The Yeti has been our most challenging project ever. Two plastic iterations came and went with varying degrees of success, rife with challenges, and both ended their lifespans early due to production problems that we just couldn’t quite solve. But the shape and the feel were just too. damn. good and we couldn’t give up on it, so we went back to what we do best…precision metal.

The Metal Yeti is a beautiful halfway point between nostalgia and the new new, with a play style that really makes us feel like it’s an instant classic. (Fun fact, the hub stickers are left over from the very first Yeti production run!) Something about this return top is just “perfect Caribou” and none of us can put it down. We’re so excited for everyone to try these!


Diameter: 58.6 MM
Width: 45 MM
Weight: 67 GRAMS
Response: SNOW TIRES
Suggested Retail: $65 USD


    Assembled Return Top
    Fat Kitty String
    Yeti Sticker Sheet
    Limited Edition Hard Enamel Pin
      Returns & Warranty
      We offer a 3 week manufacturer's warranty from the day you receive your item. This warranty covers surface flaws, vibration or anodizing issues. You may exchange your item for a new one or get a full refund. We do not cover the cost of shipping to return the item back to us, however we will cover the cost of shipping a replacement back to you. Please note that our warranty does not cover Fool's Gold return tops. These are sold "as is" and we do not offer returns, replacements, or customer service for any Fool's Gold return tops.
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